Sept 12. 2019 - Welcome to the MetriLife BLOG!

Welcome to the MetriLife Blog! We will be using this to share interesting news about MetriLife, our users’ success stories, as well as useful strategies you can use to improve your health and performance in mind and body.

New UI Dashboard

We wanted to use this first post as an opportunity to release some new information about our upcoming software update. The feedback from our initial MetriLife launch was overwhelmingly positive, but there were still things that YOU, the users, wanted to see. We took in all your feedback via emails, FB messages, Instagram DMs, personal messages and listened to them all. This is why we are SO EXCITED!

The update, which is currently in testing, will have a number of new features. These include: activity and habit tracking, advanced journalling, a more eye catching and intuitive user interface and much more. These new features provide are more opportunities for customization and makes it much easier to interpret your Metrics and to review your Journals each day.

Our goal with MetriLife is to create the most powerful platform for you to receive actionable feedback in order to change your life. MetriLife is a vehicle for change - so we’re making it a Bugatti.

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Be well,

Paul Oneid

Co-Founder, 1-Life Inc.