MetriLife in the Media

Welcome to the MetriLife Blog! We will be using this to share interesting news about MetriLife, our users’ success stories, as well as useful strategies you can use to improve your health and performance in mind and body.

Co-founder Paul Oneid had the opportunity to appear on the Barbaric Strength podcast, hosted by fellow Canadian Brandon Hardesty. They sat down to discuss training, as Paul is a competitive lifter and formerly ranked on the All-Time Top-20 list in 2 weight classes, as well as health and MetriLife. They dive deep into the story of MetriLife’s inception and the science that went into its development. Have a listen!

Since MetriLife’s launch, Jay and I have appeared on a number of podcasts to spread the word about MetriLife and share our story. We started as ‘just 2 guys at Starbucks’ and are still telling our story. We are grateful for the opportunity to have been featured on a number of podcasts to date. If you’re interested have a listen:

As always, stay tuned to the blog for more news and updates about MetriLife and the upcoming release. We are almost done Beta-Testing and we are VERY excited about getting it out to all of you very soon!

Be well,

Paul Oneid

Co-Founder 1-Life inc.

Paul Oneid