Setting your Daily Intent

Welcome to the MetriLife Blog! We will be using this to share interesting news about MetriLife, our users’ success stories, as well as useful strategies you can use to improve your health and performance in mind and body.

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Everyday, we wake up and we are faced with a never ending list of choices. We can press snooze, or get up. We can scroll social media, or we can start the day. We constantly choose from a never ending list of options and those choices shape the world we live in. One common practice of happy and successful people is a morning routine. This set ritual performed each morning allows them to be in the right frame of mind to make the right choices throughout the day and shape their world in a way that allows them to continue building on their success.

Now, while each person’s routine is different, they serve the same purpose - to set their intent of the day. Are you intending to take control, or be passive? Be motivated internally, or externally? Open to new opportunities, or closed off to change? Your intent is the driver behind making these decisions. Your success is predicated on your ability to empower yourself, be pragmatic and welcome the challenges of the day with open arms. What are some strategies you can use to set this intent?

  1. Journaling

  2. Gratitude practice

  3. Meditation

  4. Movement

  5. Reading

No matter the activity you choose, make sure it addresses the barriers you feel you are facing. If you’re struggling with energy levels, begin the day with some movement to get blood flowing and set your intent towards work. If you struggle with anxiety, try starting your day with mediation, or gratitude to set your intent towards calm and positivity. If you’re struggling with a difficult situation, perhaps journal about it and get your thoughts on paper.

By addressing your barriers first thing in the morning, your intent towards the day will completely shift towards more a positive trajectory. Work to establish a routine that suits your needs and watch your entire life transform. Where the mind goes, the body will follow.

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Be well,

Paul Oneid

Co-Founder, 1-Life Inc.

Paul Oneid