A vehicle for change
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A vehicle for change


Your personal roadmap towards improved health and performance in mind and body


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What is MetriLife?

MetriLife teaches you how your daily behaviours affect your life and provides you with actionable steps to improve your mental and physical health and performance. Through daily tracking, MetriLife entices introspection to help you build better self-awareness. The mind and body are tightly connected and in less than 40 seconds per day, you can learn to find balance.

Living the happy, healthy, high performance life you want starts with behavior change. Just like any GPS, you can’t get to your destination without knowing your starting point. Using MetriLife to track your lifestyle metrics is that starting point. Meaningful behavior change does not come without understanding the “why?”

Reflect on your daily progress using the Journal to record your day’s moods, activities, relationships, or meaningful events. Dive deep into your lifestyle using the Review and learn how the relationships that exist between your Metrics contribute to your lifestyle. Create your own Alerts, or simply keep an eye on the Metrics you feel are important. Hold yourself accountable and keep important people up to date with easy to share weekly Reports. With MetriLife, you are in the driver’s seat and accountable to make the changes for yourself.


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